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Visibility Dialogue Prep for Tomorrow
Categories: Week 2: July 16

One of our assignments for tomorrow is to brainstorm how we are actually going to talk and dialogue tomorrow for our first conversation on visibility.

So, I’ve been thinking through it and I brainstormed the topics that I think we’ve kind of been talking about already as well as when we wrote the abstract, what we had in mind for visibility. So that being said, I have thought about the following things in terms of blogging + visibility + access. As I thought of the topics it became pretty clear that many of the points I thought about in terms of visibility really connect with other points of interest for us that we proposed in our abstract, so I fear the difficult part will be about organizing all of these steps, but I’m willing to put these fears aside as we undertake our first conversation.


  • (From our abstract) Making the writing process accessible (visible) for both student and teacher.
  • Increasing visibility of research/ideas.
  • Creating opportunities for making blogging in the feminist classroom as important and valuable learning tools.

So, if we’re going to have a dialogue tomorrow I managed to come up with one question to think about as we think about these three topics that I brainstormed.

How does blog/blogging/blogger (and yes I agree we need to define this more clearly and I love the distinctions) both personally and in our classes help to make the writing process visible and why is this important to our pedagogy?

Do you think we could talk about this for a while? Technically, this is more than one question when we break it down, but I hope that it will get some conversation going and relate back to what we’ve done so far and allow us to generate some good content for our article. I guess I just wanted to ensure we had some sort of plan as we went into our conversation, this by no means has to be the only question, but I figured I would just throw it out there to help us move on from here. Up next (tomorrow) some comments on your posts and my “about me page” revising my part to 350 words.

Side note – As part of my writing process, I totally like to set goals for myself and try to hold myself accountable by sharing with others the goals I set for myself, so tomorrow, for sure.

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