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Assignments for July 30
Categories: Week 4: July 30

Here’s our plan:

First, write a few paragraphs on the two questions that I posted on this comment:

How does using blogs in the classroom and blogging while teaching enable you to access your feminist self/selves? What is/are your feminist self/selves? Any examples from your blogs?

Second, read through past blog entries (on this blog or on course/personal blogs) and find some excerpts that we can use in our essay. Don’t worry about fitting them together because our essay will not be a linear, straightforward academic one. We plan to play around with the format (using different fonts and spacing).

Third, write about 2-3 examples of how you used the blog effectively (or not effectively, but in ways that were valuable for learning how to/how not to use the blog) in the classroom. These examples could be specific assignments, categories, entries, etc. Perhaps these examples should be framed in terms of accessibility (and feminist consciousness-raising)?

Fourth, do some prep work for our third dialogue (which will happen, Snowball or not!) on community. Here’s how we described it in our abstract: Blurring the lines and challenging binaries between online/offline, real life/academic life, students/teachers, mind/body, public/private. Cool. We get to bust some binaries this week!

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  1. KCF says:

    🙁 Snowball will be leaving on Thursday with RR to go home to Alabama, so we definitely won’t have a snowball for Friday, unless I find $100 just lying on the street and that $100 bill makes it to the Apple store on Friday morning… maybe a possibility, who knows though…