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Our next Diablogical Collaboration

First I want to congratulate us for sending off our official manuscript for our chapter that will hopefully end up in Feminist Cyberspaces: Pedagogies in Transition soon! As part of our conclusion we discussed how we wanted to keep thinking through our collaboration and on the day that we met to finalize our other manuscript we decided that we are going to try to pull something together to submit to Radical Teacher.

Here are our notes from our meeting and our tentative plan for how we are going to tackle it!

As the article for Radical Teacher we’re proposing is a manifesto – see SLP’s post on our ideas here – we decided that we want to write an article focused on praxis where the theory is the critical theory/reflection piece on how we’ve come to think about blogs through this collaboration in addition to posing some main points (our manifesto!) that shape how we see blogs as enriching to our teaching.

We created a list of points for using blogs to serve as the pieces of our manifesto and that we hope to shape our article around these points. Similarly to the way that we wrote our first article, we will break down each section by writing on each point individually and in conversation with one another and then we will take from what we’ve written to put into our article. The total word count for the article is only 4000 words – so each section will be about 500 except for the one on how we see blogging as Diablogical which would be a “double” with 1000.

We want to try to shape the article by including a large component of it as our reflection and thinking about how “It’s Diablogical” the blog project  (and how we used it to help us write our chapter in Feminist Cyberspaces) upholds praxis for us. So one component of our article will be our individual reflections (practice + theory + critical reflection = praxis) that we will write on our processes of working collaboratively. We acknowledge as part of our critical reflection that this is not just an uncritical celebration of blogs- we recognize and reflect on the limits of blogs. We acknowledge that the use of blogs requires a certain level of reflection so that we can use blogs in responsible ways.

Our Manifesto Points:

  • Feminist blogging is praxis.
  • Feminist blogging inspires virtual consciousness-raising.
  • Feminist blogging is serious academic work.
  • Feminist blogging is Diablogical!
    • Collaborative feminist blogging creates new avenues for shared knowledge production.
    • Feminist blogs bust binaries.

What we want to include:

We thought in each section we could touch on three points – we’re still trying to figure out exactly how this will be worded but we want to provide some ideas on why it is important and ideas on how do you apply this then if you are using blogs as you teach.

  • This is why is should be valued.
  • This is how we do it.
  • This is what should be considered in order to/ideas onhow to apply it?

Breakdown of Assignments to Write our Article!

This week we have set out to accomplish the first two parts and next week we will work on #3.

1. A reflection about Diablogical the project – in the rough sketch of what our chapter was going to look like we initially posted this as what we wanted to write in our conclusion.

Reflect on the value of diabloguing together and on the process of doing this project (what have we learned from each other and what we have learned from experience of blogging/reflecting on blogging).

We will write on this subject and this might go as our introduction to our article.

2. Post our initial thoughts/understandings of first three points of our manifesto

  • Feminist blogging is praxis.
  • Feminist blogging inspires virtual consciousness-raising.
  • Feminist blogging is serious academic work

3. For next week Feminist blogging is Diablogical

2 Comments to “Our next Diablogical Collaboration”

  1. SLP says:

    Great notes! Thanks for posting them!

  2. KCF says:

    You know as I click on your comments after I post notes I always get a reassuring/positive note from you. Perhaps we should add to our “list of how we use blogs” as a space for positive reinforcement or something. It always makes me smile that you take the time to post a note even if small about my notes! Especially as it does take some time to make the notes appear sensible – sometimes we are really scattered!