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A logic of discovery instead of justification
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I found this source via twitter earlier today and, after tweeting with KCF, decided to post it for more diablogging: A Philosophy of Blogging from a new Chronicle of Higher Education blog called Old School, New School. BTW, I love how we have started tweet-a-logging too (or engaging in some twittersations…okay, I’ll stop now).

I don’t have much time to write right now, so I’ll just post a few passages that seem particularly relevant to our discussion:

Mike: Another thing that interests me about the tension between “old school” and “new school” is whether the blog form challenges what I think occupies most academic writers, namely justifying a proposition with the best reasons one can think of. More specifically, I am interested in the possibility that blogging captures what is sometimes called the forward-looking “logic of discovery,” in contrast with the retrospective sort of writing that relies on a “logic of justification.”

Mary: Blogging and writing in public and creating a conversation in public creates a space where your a-ha moments or “forward-looking logic of discovery” happen in a virtual café, in a public space.

I like the idea of moving away from justification and towards exploration and discovery. As I mentioned in a recent tweet, I don’t like the language of discovery–what about logic of engagement instead? Or a logic of coming-to-awareness? Hmm….not sure. What do you think, KCF?

6 Comments to “A logic of discovery instead of justification”

  1. KCF says:

    ooooh! or a logic of coming to consciousness! isn’t that what our ideas on consciousness raising are all about, it’s not just about how we facilitate consciousness raising through blogging or diablogging or asking our students to do it, but that blogging facilitates their coming to consciousness in multiple ways.

    I don’t really have a lot of time to discuss this but I think it’s great how you just threw this up here! Um… twittersations. Hilarious.

    PS: did you see that Mary Churchill the author of the article got into the twittersation with us? I shared a link to our blog with her and then she tweeted our blog out to her followers! We’re hitting the big time 🙂

  2. SLP says:

    Yes! Very cool that Mary Churchill tweeted about us/to us. We should create a hashtag or list for our tweets–we could add it onto this blog.

  3. KCF says:

    I think that’s a great idea! perhaps we should make a twitter for Diablogical too? Not sure what that might accomplish but it could let our many fans know when we’ve updated a part of the conversation. I wish that we lived just minutes away from each other! I would love to see how you set up a list and/or have a better sense of what happens on a twitter list! I’m all for a hashtag too but #it’sdiablogical! is a lot of characters – what could we do instead? #diablog? hmmm..

  4. SLP says:

    My one concern with creating our own twitter account is that I already have 3 twitter accounts that I am managing–we could set up our twitter account for It’s Diablogical to just announce our updates and then do most of our tweeting through our own accounts. #diablog might be a good hash tag or #diablogical?

  5. KCF and SLP – great tweet-talking with you and I love this conversation over here on It’s Diablogical! Just showed this post to Mike Brown- my co-blogger on Old School, New School. We’re working together to comment on your post.

    Also – I’ve listed It’s Diablogical! on the blog roll at University of Venus –

    Great to meet the two of you and “discover” this excellent project!


  6. SLP says:

    Thanks Mary! It’s great to meet you too. I look forward to checking out uvenus–just saw your post about why you write–excellent.