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Some Tips for using blogs in feminist and queer classrooms:

  1. Successful blogs require assignments that are more than just offline assignments posted online.
  2. Think about the blog as a location for reading and writing and reflect that in your assignments.
  3. Bring blog entries, comments, and discussions into your offline class sessions.
  4. In order to get students to use the blog, you must make it worth their while.
  5. Spend some time at the beginning of the semester training students on how to use the blog.
  6. Spend a lot of time really thinking through all of the details of your blog assignments.
  7. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new techniques on the blog.
  8. Don’t just assign weekly blog posts to your students that involve responding to your questions.
  9. If you want students to be excited about the blog and take it seriously, you need to too.
  10. Complete at least some of the assignments that you require your students to do.
  11. Blogs work better in the classroom when we read and think more about what kind of teaching/learning practice blogging is (and/or could be).

For more details on these tips, see here.

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