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I just (finally) listened to Visibility 3 and 4. Some great stuff, including my admission that I just saw Eclipse. Here are some of the ideas I want to highlight: Blogs provide us with the opportunity to rethink and experiment with new ways of evaluating our students. We can give feedback (without grades because of privacy […]

I just finished listening to parts 1 and 2 of our visibility dialogue–it was really fun to hear our conversation (even though it was scary too–it can be hard to listen to yourself and hear how your ideas sometimes come out jumbled and awkward)! I think I see the power of podcasts. Last year, I […]

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Here is our first dialogue, in four parts, on visibility. This dia(b)logue took place at SLP’s house on a hot Friday afternoon (July 16th). Visibility 1, Visibility 2, Visibility 3 and Visibility 4