It's Diablogical!
A Collaborative Diablog on Feminist Pedagogy

If I have read my notes correctly (which, due to my incredibly messy handwriting, might be a miracle), our section on the project should include the following: a cleaned-up version of the abstract some ideas about collaboration through dialogues/diablogs brief mention of how we are practicing what we preach–that is, because we advocate for the […]

So, thanks for your generous offer of your extra 11 words but I’m glad I pushed myself to revise my intro. The first one had some weird syntax things going on and so I’ve just cleaned it up a bit here. Cleaning it up also meant that I made it within our word limit (yay!) […]

Hey KCF, feel free to take my 11 leftover words (ha ha). But seriously, here’s the revised version of my intro. Here’s what I changed: made how I use blogs about my students, and not just me + added in a few sentences at the end. I will bold what I changed/added: Last summer I […]

So, I was listening to the radio today and there was this commercial that was like “your all access pass to…” and I thought about how we haven’t addressed access in this way either. Well, maybe we have a little bit in the sense that we’ve thought about how in expanding the idea of access […]

KCF and I had a very productive (and fun) day together discussing our dialogue/diablog project. We also enjoyed tea (and laughing at the elaborate descriptions of the coffee)at Angry Catfish and lunch at Bill’s Garden Chinese Gourmet. Remarkably, we also managed to find the time to create a rough sketch of our article, complete with […]

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So, not quite there on the word limit, I’m wondering if I’m trying to fit too much in here. I could maybe cut some of the second paragraph if in our “about us” section of the intro addresses some of the points I bring up here. I basically narrowed down and braided together the three […]

So here’s what I have for my first two paragraphs. It was tough–so many ideas swimming around in my head. Does it lack personality (or a person)? I also wonder if it seems a little too vague. What do you think, KCF? Last summer I fell in love with blogging. Sure I had been using […]

So far we have designed this blog, wrote a bunch of entries on it, created several about pages, and completed/posted our first dialogue on visibility. And we have met for several hours on three different Fridays. I think we have done a lot! But how can we translate all of this work into a book […]