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In KCF’s recent comment, she raised some great questions about how blog writing may or may not contribute to your tenure file. Here’s a great place to start. It’s a youtube video that I first posted on my blogging and teaching workshop. The 9+ minute video includes discussions about public/private and blogging and tenure: Here’s […]

So here’s what I have for my first two paragraphs. It was tough–so many ideas swimming around in my head. Does it lack personality (or a person)? I also wonder if it seems a little too vague. What do you think, KCF? Last summer I fell in love with blogging. Sure I had been using […]

We had an amazing meeting on Friday, so amazing that we had so many notes to write up which is why I wasn’t able to post until now! These notes might also be a little disjointed as SLP and I both mentioned that we were super tired from a long week of work and were […]

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So, we had an incredibly busy and productive session last week, I am still trying to get through all of our amazing notes! In the meantime SLP asked for me to post our next assignments that are due tomorrow! What I wrote down that we are supposed to be doing for tomorrow is actually pulling […]

Hey SLP – While I was reading my twitter feed I saw someone had posted this article speaking to this idea of social media taking over our lives. I thought you might be interested in it because I think there are some interesting connections between what the author’s writing about here and what we have […]