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(so far) Now that we’re not necessarily working on an article for publication here on Diablogical! I thought it might be interesting to do a quick reflection on how course blogging has been going so far in the semester. I’m officially (at MSUM) in the sixth week of classes and have fallen into the easy […]

Hi Friend! So the craziness of the semester has begun and I am overwhelmed! It has been definitely too long since I wrote on this blog (or talked with you online/offline). This semester I have upped the ante in my classes (which I seem to do every year because I LOVE experimenting and pushing at […]

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…in my class this semester so far. So I know I’m supposed to be working on my VCR post and my BB post for our radical teacher article, but I have all these thoughts on teaching with blogs that I feel I really need to write so I don’t forget them. 1. Due to our […]

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Oftentimes blogging (despite acknowledging that we are writing for in/visible audiences) can be a very isolating experience. While the format allows for some connections with communities and instant access to one’s own thoughts, ideas and writing, before this collaborative blog project, I did not feel the same sense of accountability to what I wrote and […]

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Part One: Reflect on the value of diabloguing together and on the process of doing this project (what have we learned from each other and what we have learned from the experience of blogging/reflecting on blogging). I love our diablog. When we began it back in June, I anticipated that it would be helpful for […]

First I want to congratulate us for sending off our official manuscript for our chapter that will hopefully end up in Feminist Cyberspaces: Pedagogies in Transition soon! As part of our conclusion we discussed how we wanted to keep thinking through our collaboration and on the day that we met to finalize our other manuscript […]