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So, I’m in the midst of re-reading Kevin Kumashiro’s Troubling Education: Queer Activism and Anti-oppressive Pedagogy for my feminist pedagogies class this afternoon. I have already mentioned his work–particularly his idea about shifting the goal of pedagogy from understanding to effect and the influence it has had on my vision of a troublemaking pedagogy (I […]

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Well, here it is. All 439 words. Central to our arguments about accessibility and the transformative and transgressive potential of blogging and feminist pedagogy is this belief: blogging while teaching and teaching with blogs in the feminist classroom allows us to engage in feminist consciousness-raising practices in online, offline and online/offline spaces. Borrowing from Tracy […]

We had an amazing meeting on Friday, so amazing that we had so many notes to write up which is why I wasn’t able to post until now! These notes might also be a little disjointed as SLP and I both mentioned that we were super tired from a long week of work and were […]

So, I know this is a part of our “official” plans for what we were supposed to do this week but I think it connects because I was reviewing some resources I had put aside as I was preparing for our discussion on “Creating Community” and I think that we’ve mentioned that a further way […]

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Hey KCF! Since we are interested in linking feminist blogging with feminist consciousness-raising, I thought that I better review Tracy L.M. Kennedy’s article on blogging and virtual consciousness-raising (which you link to in your post) before our meeting on Friday. I like this passage: There are several specific ways in which blogging as a virtual […]

I just (finally) listened to Visibility 3 and 4. Some great stuff, including my admission that I just saw Eclipse. Here are some of the ideas I want to highlight: Blogs provide us with the opportunity to rethink and experiment with new ways of evaluating our students. We can give feedback (without grades because of privacy […]

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I was just skimming through my course blog and I found a brief entry that I wrote for the class on the potential links between bell hooks, feminist consciousness-raising and blogging. Normally I would have posted this as a comment on your entry. However, I don’t think you can post HTML on comments in this […]

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It’s funny how you mention the kitchen table (side note – I like the blog you found, it looks like an awesome project). In my methods chapter of my dissertation I actually re-visioned it as a discussion around the various types of intimacies that emerge while doing oral histories in the context in which I […]