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A Collaborative Diablog on Feminist Pedagogy
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Oftentimes blogging (despite acknowledging that we are writing for in/visible audiences) can be a very isolating experience. While the format allows for some connections with communities and instant access to one’s own thoughts, ideas and writing, before this collaborative blog project, I did not feel the same sense of accountability to what I wrote and […]

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Part One: Reflect on the value of diabloguing together and on the process of doing this project (what have we learned from each other and what we have learned from the experience of blogging/reflecting on blogging). I love our diablog. When we began it back in June, I anticipated that it would be helpful for […]

First I want to congratulate us for sending off our official manuscript for our chapter that will hopefully end up in Feminist Cyberspaces: Pedagogies in Transition soon! As part of our conclusion we discussed how we wanted to keep thinking through our collaboration and on the day that we met to finalize our other manuscript […]

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KCF: The process of writing this article has been a journey of collaboration on many levels. I have really responded to the process of working together and the use of different venues for conversation (blogging, writing together, conversing in person and online) have really allowed me to think about how ideas grow, evolve, and become […]

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Here’s the tentative title that I came up: “This is not a how-to manual but an invitation to engage: A Feminist Blogging Manifesto by a Chicana Feminist and a White Feminist Troublemaker” Here are some key passages from the cfp that I would be interested in addressing/thinking about: Given the fact that ignoring or rejecting […]

I finally did it! Feeling like this took years to do, I am really valuing the flexibility of blogging (which is not a topic we’ve really spoken about) but how a blog will always be there for you when you’re ready to post! Thank you Diablogical for helping me get t his out, and SLP […]

Training Being confident and excited about experimenting on blogs Sometimes students can express some trepidation with having to blog even though we often think of students who are entering college as being very familiar with the tools of “the digital age.” However, if you spend time training students on the basics of how to use […]

Here is my post (albeit a bit late) on my thoughts on how I use blogs as tools of engagement. I’m going to blame finishing my diss. and starting a new teaching job as the reason for this, I know you (SLP) know the crazy summer I’ve had. So, no more complaining, just doing! Our […]

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How do we engage in shared knowledge production? Last fall, I tried an experiment with my Queering Theory students: I made all of their assignments directly connected to our course blog. At the end of the semester, I asked them to reflect on the process and what they did and didn’t like about our blogging […]

After another very productive meeting SLP and I have the (final?!) game plan for the rest of the month and all of the work we will be doing to finish up our chapter. We also have decided to submit a more reflective piece to Radical Teacher. See the call for papers here. Since this article […]

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I don’t have much time to write/reflect lately, so I’m just posting here as a place holder of some of the writing I’ve done over the last week. Here are my thoughts on visibility. The second one is 255 words, I hope that this is ok, I realize the other one is not yet at […]

After some pretty stressful weeks of dissertation revisions I have finally caught my breath enough to revise our section on accessibility. From what I remember of our discussion we wanted to switch the Brian Solis quote/data to a footnote and cite some specific feminist work there instead. Let me know if you think that works. […]