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Next Week’s Assignment
Categories: Week 5: August 6

So, we had an incredibly busy and productive session last week, I am still trying to get through all of our amazing notes! In the meantime SLP asked for me to post our next assignments that are due tomorrow!

What I wrote down that we are supposed to be doing for tomorrow is actually pulling out the “little gems” from our blog writing to start forming the bare bones of how we would like to see the beginning of our chapter in draft from. We were both going to pull out our respective parts and then for the “visibility” section I (KCF) will re-listen to the visibility dialogue and pull out what I think are the pieces that really resonate. I think the goal is for each of us to post something so we can work on them together to weave (braid?) ┬áthem together. Here is the list of things, in order, we are supposed to be working on for our next meeting.

1. Each of us blend our “about me” and “why I love to blog” and “accessing feminist self/selves” posts to create 1-2 paragraphs for the intro that situate our positionalities.

2. Pull a few paragraphs on the background of the project through potentially editing “what is a diablog?” page along with some of the points we’ve come up with on sharing and “fostering intimacy” through the blog posts and comments we’ve had on these types of subjects. (I think SLP volunteered to do this since she has a bit more time than I do these next couple of weeks.)

3. Work on a paragraph that discusses why we are writing in the the form we are writing – we come up with something that starts with or sounds like “we critically reflect and think about challenging the conventions of linear writing.” We might not be able to do this until we actually start putting our writing together to challenge the conventions of linear writing, but this is what we are heading toward.

4. Then we will be pulling out from what we’ve already created for each of our topic sub-sections. Visibility should be pretty taken care of, and if we could both pull ideas from “training” and “creating community” we would be good to go for all of these sections. We talked about using some lists of bullet points for the important points and perhaps putting them aside in a box and then developing a couple of the important points that we see as particularly engaging/important/exciting etc.

So, I think ultimately, we’re just trying to pull out some key writing that we’ve already done and putting it together/on paper so that we have somewhere we’re headed with the chapter as we’re officially in August! I hope this isn’t more confusing than helpful, our discussion really was all over the map last week! At minimum we should have a pretty constructed introduction for our next meeting. See you soon!

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