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A Collaborative Diablog on Feminist Pedagogy
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Just starting the six week of classes (wow!) and feeling overwhelmed…and sick. I always get sick in October. Oh well. Anyway, my semester is good so far. I’m proud of the blogging and tweeting in my classes–I really need to write an entry about my diablog assignment for my queering desire students (it’s the first […]

So, I know this is a part of our “official” plans for what we were supposed to do this week but I think it connects because I was reviewing some resources I had put aside as I was preparing for our discussion on “Creating Community” and I think that we’ve mentioned that a further way […]

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I was just skimming through my course blog and I found a brief entry that I wrote for the class on the potential links between bell hooks, feminist consciousness-raising and blogging. Normally I would have posted this as a comment on your entry. However, I don’t think you can post HTML on comments in this […]