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Ways to use blogs

In our meeting today (8.20.10) KCF and I talked about creating a list of ways to use blogs inside and outside the classroom. Since I already had a list started from my trouble blog, I thought I would add it in here as a way to start this page. KCF and I will add to the list (hopefully) soon.

How we use our course blogs:

How the students use our blogs:

How we use our own blogs:

  • Archive Ideas
  • Document Research
  • Offer up various accounts of our/selves
  • Build relationships with visible and invisible readers
  • Experiment with pedagogical techniques
  • To have fun!
  • Continue to define/challenge/bust binaries
  • Put popular culture or current events in conversation with academic theory
  • Disrupt the walls of the ivory tower by opening up the conversations to communities beyond our classrooms
  • Foster creative outlets for our feminist theories/expressions