It's Diablogical!
A Collaborative Diablog on Feminist Pedagogy

Here are a list of articles, blogs and other resources that we have mentioned and/or engaged with in our entries. While we thought about creative a blogroll, we ultimately decided (at least, I think we decided) that a separate page with links/titles would work best for our larger project. I have tried to include all of the essays that we have discussed (did I miss any?).


Our Personal Blogs
La Kitchen Chicana
(Making/Being in/Staying in) TROUBLE

Other Blogs
The Kitchen Table
Big Cardboard Box
Digital Natives

Articles or books specifically on feminist pedagogy/feminism/feminist technology:

The Scholar and Feminist Online. Blogging Feminism: (Web) Sites of Resistance

Zandt, Deanna. Share This: How You will Change the World with Social Networking
Herold, Stephanie. “Young Feminists to Old Feminists: If you can’t find us, it’s because we’re online”
McCulley, Lucretia and Patricia Patterson. “Feminist Empowerment through the Internet”
Daniels, Jessie. “Rethinking Cyberfeminism(s): Race, Gender and Embodiment”

Recent articles or books on blogging and/or new social media:

Hacking the Academy
Richmond, Wendy. “Blogging with a Different Perspective”
American Foundation for the Blind. How do we make our blogs more accessible to blind readers?
Kolowich, Steve. “What skills do we need to be digitally literate?”
Li, Sophia. ““What Belongs in a 21st Century Classroom? Faculty and IT Staff Disagree”
Murphy, Samantha. “Social Media: Huge, and Here to Stay”
Arvin, Lanny. “Teaching with Blogs”
Orenstein, Peggy. “I Tweet, Therefore I Am”
Solis, Brian. “The Gender Divide of Influence on Twitter”
MacManus, Richard. “Beyond Social”

KCF, should we add in all of our course blogs–or a few that we especially like?