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This entry is also posted on my trouble blog. Ever since I started thinking about using twitter in the classroom (and before I actually used it, which was in fall, 2010), I’ve been following the interesting and innovative work of David M. Silver and his media studies classes at the University of San Francisco. He […]

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Some Tips for using blogs in feminist and queer classrooms: Successful blogs require assignments that are more than just offline assignments posted online. Think about the blog as a location for reading and writing and reflect that in your assignments. Bring blog entries, comments, and discussions into your offline class sessions. In order to get […]

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As SLP mentioned, we are going to be utilizing this space as part of our presentation at the 35th Annual University of Wisconsin System – Wisconsin Women’s Studies Conference and 6th Annual Wisconsin LGBTQ Spring Conference. Check out the conference schedule here – we present bright and early at 8:30am on Saturday! I know I […]

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In preparation for our (me and KCF reunited!) upcoming workshop on blogging, I thought I would gather together some examples of how I have used the diablog assignment in my classes this year: queering desire, fall 2010: I already wrote about this assignment here. 30 students undergraduate upper-level course politics of sex, spring 2011 115 […]

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I just had my final Queering Desire class. Such a great experience! Right now I don’t have time to write anything else about how my blog assignments did/didn’t work in the class (I still have lots of grading to do). For now, I want to highlight a few things from queering desire and my other […]

Hey KCF. It’s Thursday afternoon and I’m sitting at our regular table at 3 Tiers, remembering all of the great discussions that we had here over the summer. Before I eat my fabulous “devil’s food cupcake with mocha buttercream frosting,” I thought I would take a minute (okay, a few minutes) to offer up some […]

(so far) Now that we’re not necessarily working on an article for publication here on Diablogical! I thought it might be interesting to do a quick reflection on how course blogging has been going so far in the semester. I’m officially (at MSUM) in the sixth week of classes and have fallen into the easy […]

Hi Friend! So the craziness of the semester has begun and I am overwhelmed! It has been definitely too long since I wrote on this blog (or talked with you online/offline). This semester I have upped the ante in my classes (which I seem to do every year because I LOVE experimenting and pushing at […]