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Some other sources
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Hey KCF! I randomly happened across a few interesting sources that we might want to check out. I have already downloaded the first two onto my iPad via my kindle app (nerd alert!).

1. Share This: How You will Change the World with Social Networking
Here’s a blurb from the website:

This book is a blueprint for understanding why and how this medium of exchange works, and how our personal stories and daily experiences comprise a profoundly political picture that leads to social action and social change. Through a fun and accessible exploration of the intersection of philosophy, psychology, sociology and technology, it looks at how an historical convergence of forces has constructed a platform of immense possibility. Finally, the book offers concrete strategies and advice for both individuals and organizations looking to engage in this digital extension of our humanity. It shows, quite simply, how YOU will change the world.

I’ll write more once I have had a chance to skim it. I know this (at least) briefly mentions blogs/blogging. It might have a few useful bits…

2. The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age
Not sure if this is helpful yet, either. I did notice that it has a chapter on ten pedagogical principles for the future of learning…
note: link no longer available

3. Hacking the Academy
Pretty cool. This book has some chapters on education and technology which may also be useful. Not really feminist, but…

4. Big Cardboard Box
This is a recent UThink blog started by a UMD Writing Studies instructor. The title of the blog was inspired by this article.

Note: I must confess that I am also using these prep entries as a way to think about the feminist pedagogies class I will teach in the fall. I plan to focus much of the class on pedagogy and technology. I can imagine possibly using some of these above sources in that class. KCF, be sure to let me know if I ever start to stray too far from our writing project.

2 Comments to “Some other sources”

  1. KCF says:

    Get back on track! I kid, I kid. I will definitely check them out when I have a minute, teaching has been keeping me so busy, I really feel like I just need days to decompress and then after working on reading and gathering my thoughts on the last post I just put up I didn’t get it done in my work time and so I’m feeling all kinds of behind, oh well. I just have to make it happen right? Looking forward to our meeting on Friday though!

  2. SLP says:

    Don’t worry about checking them out, if you don’t have time. I hope to summarize some key points and pull out any parts that I find particularly compelling/thought-provoking. You mentioned that you didn’t get your post done in your “work time.” Do you have scheduled time for writing in this blog every day? I would really like to put together a schedule in which I set aside time specifically for this blog (and for the two other blog projects that I am working on). But, will my resistance to planning/scheduling make it impossible?