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Assignments for next week
Categories: Week 2: July 16

Following our very awesome discussion on Friday we elaborated on what we wanted to do to prepare for next week’s writing session, where we might actually start crafting some of our article. So, we made a list of the next steps we need to take in order to make this happen (with of course a certain amount of flexibility).

  1. According to our master plan next week we will have solidified our intros. As it was clear we both over-wrote (although SLP wrote a pretty concise paragraph) for our introductions of ourselves that we envisioned setting the stage in our introduction of the article. For next week, we are going to continue solidifying these intros (which means, I, KCF will make hers much more concise) and in relation to our diablogical project create “about me” pages with our introductions.
  2. Related – we thought it might be useful to create an “about this blog” page that new readers could gain a sense of what we’re doing with our blog – and it will serve us well when we can direct the readers to go back to our blog after the article actually is published. We thought we could give a brief background of the blog and include the abstract we submitted for the publication and then continue to add to it as necessary. (SLP – would you feel o.k. about doing this part?)
  3. As I mentioned in our last post, we began discussing how some feminist theories were informing our pedagogy and if we have time we want to continue posting theories/ideas that are informing our ideas on using blogs in our own lives and in our classes. So, if we have time, continue to post on readings/feminist theories that inform our ideas to continue moving this part of the dialogue forward.
  4. Preparing for our first diablogue! We decided to just go down the list from our abstract and the first topic we will be discussing next week is Visibility. From our abstract we wrote “Reflecting on our various pedagogical exercises and activities on and with our blogs we will discuss access in terms of… visibility – making the writing process accessible for both teacher and student.” We have a lot more we can think about in terms of access and visibility, but this is our jumping off point. Prepping for our first diablogue means:
  • Each of us brainstorming ideas on how we want to talk about access and visibility through a blog entry before our discussion.
  • Deciding how we want to structure our dialogue on the subject – should we come up with questions and ask each other? Will we just go with the flow? How should we structure it – should we talk for one hour and write for two hours together? How will we take our discussion and edit it for the written piece? (I admit this might be over-planning, but we should have some idea on what we want to do with our time since we are running on such tight schedules.) This would also take place via this blog.
  • Gathering materials to record the dialogue – KCF will look into securing a microphone so we can make a high quality audio file.  (Update – I went to the Apple Store at Southdale and ALN and I played with some IPads, as well as asked if they had a Snowball microphone. They did have it in stock, we just weren’t able to buy it. However, RR said we could borrow hers whenever up until she leaves, so I will just have to save up!)

4 Comments to “Assignments for next week”

  1. SLP says:

    Sure, I can put together the “about the blog” page!

  2. SLP says:

    It’s up and so is a page defining diablog, diablogical and diabloguing!

  3. SLP says:

    Sorry for making so many comments on this one entry. As I was reviewing our tentative plan, I noticed a discrepancy between the official tentative plan and this entry. Here’s what you wrote a few weeks ago for July 16:

    Week 2: July 16, 2010

    Writing time – solidifying our introductions.
    Reflection on the blog so far. Create “About me” etc. pages.
    For next week – prep for conversations around Topic #1 (discuss which topic we’re going to write on and then set parameters for each of our blog entries).

    Looks like we should be having our first diablogue about visibility next week. Or am I reading this wrong? I think it would be nice to have another week to organize/prep and work on our introductions/structure. I agree with you that the diablogue needs to involve some planning–especially with me…sometimes I need to be reined in! What if we spent our time on Friday writing the intro, talking more about being diablogical (ha ha!) and planning for our upcoming weeks?

  4. KCF says:

    I see the confusion. I think what happened is that when it says “prep for conversation” we are supposed to doing that before our meeting – at least this is how I remember us talking about it. So the prep is us talking about it on the blog and then on Week 2 July 16, we have the conversation and then work on figuring out what we want to write about from the convo the following week while simultaneously prepping for the next topic whose conversation will take place on the next week. Does that make any sense at all?

    I know it seems confusing, but on July 23rd we’re supposed to write up our first conversation, which I would argue we can’t do unless we have the conversation on July 16th.

    I think we’ve done a lot of talking and planning, and maybe we should just get down to it. I’m starting to **freak out** because of all the writing we have to do (while simultaneously doing other things as well). And if possible we should have our conversations before I leave in a couple of weeks.