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One of our assignments for tomorrow is to brainstorm how we are actually going to talk and dialogue tomorrow for our first conversation on visibility. So, I’ve been thinking through it and I brainstormed the topics that I think we’ve kind of been talking about already as well as when we wrote the abstract, what […]

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Hey KCF–Notice anything different about the blog today? Last night STA made a few tweaks on the site. One of the first things he did was change the font from Arial to Helvetica. What’s the big deal, you might ask? In case you didn’t know, Arial vs. Helvetica is a huge deal among design-geeks. STA […]

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KCF: I hope you don’t mind me cross-posting this entry. I think the idea of failure (and its connections with vulnerability, risk, trouble, unknowingness, experimentation) are central to my vision of a feminist pedagogy of troublemaking. Note: This blog entry is posted on all three of my blogs: (making/being in/ staying in) trouble, It’s Diablogical!, […]

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I was just skimming through my course blog and I found a brief entry that I wrote for the class on the potential links between bell hooks, feminist consciousness-raising and blogging. Normally I would have posted this as a comment on your entry. However, I don’t think you can post HTML on comments in this […]

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Following our very awesome discussion on Friday we elaborated on what we wanted to do to prepare for next week’s writing session, where we might actually start crafting some of our article. So, we made a list of the next steps we need to take in order to make this happen (with of course a […]

After a very riveting conversation Friday afternoon, I am pleased to say that according to our schedule we are pretty far in the game in terms of everything we accomplished of the last two weeks. I am really proud of how much we have both written and contributed (in writing and thinking) to the project […]

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Since wonderful SLP already reminded us what we are supposed to be doing with our blog post this week to prepare for our writing session tomorrow (yay) – I feel like diving right in. Well, not until I write a little to warm myself up a bit – I would like to take a moment […]

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Due Date: July 9th Our Assignment: Part I/Intro: Why we like blogs each write this section (on the blog) – why we use blogs in our teaching and with our own writing. What is it about blogs that excite us and relates to our ideas on pedagogy and access in the feminist classroom? Coming with […]

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In Share This!, Deanna Zandt discusses the important role that sharing (particularly in the form of sharing stories/information/experiences) plays in social networks and social justice. At one point (I haven’t quite figured out how to cite kindle books yet…anyone?), she writes: …we’re not just consuming information; we’re sharing it, immediately and constantly. I like how […]

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It’s funny how you mention the kitchen table (side note – I like the blog you found, it looks like an awesome project). In my methods chapter of my dissertation I actually re-visioned it as a discussion around the various types of intimacies that emerge while doing oral histories in the context in which I […]

Hey KCF! I randomly happened across a few interesting sources that we might want to check out. I have already downloaded the first two onto my iPad via my kindle app (nerd alert!). 1. Share This: How You will Change the World with Social Networking Here’s a blurb from the website: This book is a […]